National Conference of State Liquor Administrators

Founded June 19, 1934, in Chicago, Illinois, this national organization of state alcohol beverage regulators purpose is to promote the enactment of effective and equitable state alcoholic beverage laws, and provide a forum for networking among the regulators and industry.

The National Conference of State Liquor Administrators welcomes anyone or organization directly or indirectly affiliated with the alcoholic beverage industry to join our organization as an associate member.

"Alcohol beverage regulators must always be ready to answer the question, "What do other states do?" Through the NCSLA conferences, the NCSLA website and most importantly, the network of relationships facilitated through NCSLA membership, an NCSLA regulator will have access to a wealth of information about a wide array of alcohol beverage issues."

Richard R. Haymaker, Chief Legal Counsel, Illinois Liquor Control Commission

"I started attending these conferences a few years ago and have learned so much from others who attend and the contacts I have made are invaluable. State and Federal regulators, attorneys, service providers, and industry representatives are some of those who attend and contribute to the tremendous success NCSLA has had."

Anne Hutchison, Auditor, North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner

"As a member of the NCSLA for many years, I know the value of being part of this great organization. The organization encourages networking and participation, and provides great resources!"

Deborah Rossi, Director of Compliance, Mark Anthony Services, Inc.

  • Host: Illinois Liquor Control Commission
  • Westin Michigan Avenue Hotel
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • June 26-29, 2016
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  • Host: Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
  • Radisson Hotel and Suites Austin-Downtown
  • Austin, Texas
  • September 25-28, 2016
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  • Host: Michigan Liquor Control Commission
  • Park Place Hotel
  • Traverse City, Michigan
  • October 23-26, 2016
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NCSLA President Jerry W. Waters

NCSLA President Jerry W. Waters

Jerry W. Waters, Sr., director, Office of Regulatory Affairs was appointed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in May 2008. As the director he has oversight and responsibility for the daily operations of three bureaus, Alcohol Education, Licensing and Consumer Relations.

Mr. Waters has a vast enforcement and regulatory background. He began his career with the Liquor Control Board in Philadelphia, after graduating from the Enforcement Officer Academy. Throughout the course of his career, Waters has served the board as an investigation regional manager, chief of the Investigation Division, assistant director, and director of the Bureau of Licensing. In addition, he serves as a member of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's executive team.

Prospective Associate Members

Do you know who to contact for answers to regulatory matters pertaining to your business? Become an Associate member and develop business relationships, with key state and federal beverage alcohol regulators and agency personnel, in over 40 states and local jurisdictions.

Prospective State Members

As a State member, gain valuable institutional knowledge and learn from subject matter experts in the beverage alcohol industry. Annual membership allows attendance at the national conference and two regional conferences where you can network with other regulators and industry members alike, while learning information on current issues and events in the industry and regulatory arena.

Conference Tips

How to Convince Your Boss to Send You to a Conference. Are you dying to attend a NCSLA conference, but you're not sure how to convince your manager to let you go? Help is here!


Join our NCSLA members only LinkedIn group. We will have group discussions about our organization and pertinent industry issues.


NCSLA is a proud member of the Corporate Council of the National Archives Foundation. Don't miss the new exhibit, "Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History" in the Lawrence F. O'Brien Gallery of the National Archives Museum.

Welcome New Associate Members:

California Artisinal Distillers Guild; Akerman LLP; Malkin Law PA; SICPA-Meyercord Revenue

State News:

Lori Ajax appointed Chief of Bureau of Medical Marijuana Regulation

U.S. Ninth Circuit decision re Retail Digital Network (alcohol advertising; First Amendment)

U-Jung Choe named New Director of Illinois LCC

Social Hosting Video from Texas ABC (available on DVD)


State Regulator Survey - Communication Best Practices

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